My Husband Takes Long In The Bathroom, So I Barged In And Caught Him Doing This - Mc Ebisco My Husband Takes Long In The Bathroom, So I Barged In And Caught Him Doing This - Mc Ebisco

My Husband Takes Long In The Bathroom, So I Barged In And Caught Him Doing This

Nigerian women, as well as women from other cultures and backgrounds, are usually under the idea that marriage is an easy process into which they just enter and begin their lives. They assume that marriage is a bed of flowers, but they are entirely oblivious of the fact that the path to marriage is never an easy journey. For example, you won’t be able to successfully purchase a home or plan a wedding if you don’t know how to properly communicate.

Marriage is the only organisation that can offer you with a certificate as a partner before you can be accepted into the organisation as a member. There will be a significant number of people who have already earned a credential who will no longer be entitled to get an academic diploma. When possible, prepare for the worst-case scenario ahead of time. Yes, it is possible to survive hurricanes and to endure the difficulties that come with being in a long-term relationship with someone else.

If a woman is unable to manage a household, she has failed as a mother and as a human being in general. You as a woman are only at the beginning of your search for love when it comes to finding a tall, attractive man to marry and have as your husband. If you are fortunate enough to marry a tall, attractive, and affluent gentleman, congratulations! However, did you realise that the happiness doesn’t stop there. Is it possible that the guy you considered your man turned out to be someone who didn’t care about you at all?

Let me now tell you about a horrible occurrence that occurred in my life and that I’d want to share with our young ladies. Please bear with me while I share my sad storey with you, my readers, and ask for your understanding.

Greetings! My name is Isabella, and I’ve been married to the man of my dreams for 21 years. As a result, my husband and I have migrated to Durban, South Africa, where we are employed. Despite the fact that we have never had children of our own and have no plans to do so in the foreseeable future, we hope and pray that God would bless us with children of our own via adoption.

However, this is something I had no intention of doing until after I married my spouse, and yet it occurred. Due to the fact that he was far too mature for my tastes in men, I was never interested in marrying him, despite his riches and attractiveness. Despite the fact that my partner is 45 years old, I am just 21 years young. Most of you are undoubtedly aware of how widely off our ages are from one another. Due to the fact that he is my superior, I typically follow his instructions and do everything he requests.

The fact that I did not want to marry him at my age was not enough to convince my parents otherwise. My father had told me that if I didn’t marry him, he would not teach me at university, and I had agreed to this. He indicated that he would pick up from where he had left off earlier in the session. My father warned me that it would be quite difficult to locate another candidate with the same degree of financial resources as he did. If I did marry my fiancée on the other side, she promised me luxury and a comfortable existence, and I was inclined to do so.

Within a few months of our marriage, my husband began to act and behave in ways that he had never done previously. The next day, he spent many hours in the restroom since he couldn’t sleep outside in the cold. In spite of my attempts to inform him of the situation, he claimed that it was merely a business concern. It is entirely a business choice to decide to remain up late at night.

Upon informing Isabella, an old high school friend, about my husband’s proclivity for being late and how much time he spent in the shower, she came up with a solution that worked for both of us. He instructed me to accompany him into the bathroom and investigate what he was doing in there all of the time. That’s exactly what I did! My initial response was “no,” fearing that he would force me to comply. However, after much consideration, I decided to go ahead and comply.

The next night, my husband came late, as he frequently does, around 11 p.m., and left soon after supper to use the bathroom. During his visit, he stayed for around 45 minutes. Afterwards, I tell others that they should heed my friend’s advise since it is the only way I can explain how he got this far in the first place. In the bathroom, my husband was attempting to turn off his laptop when my wife spotted me, so I took it from him and bolted from the room as quickly as I could. His conversations with his other friends were being recorded on the computer’s desktop, which I found later on.

In response to my inquiry as to what he was up to with all of the talking so that I could see where he was heading, he answered with a suspicious expression on his face. A short time later, I discovered that my husband had been a victim of the Yahoo Boys internet fraud. He pleaded with me on numerous occasions not to say anything to anybody in specific. This is due to the fact that it would be damaging to his character and reputation.

Throughout my thoughts, I was struggling against the want to say anything to someone. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t decide if I should hold it towards my parents, his parents, my clergy, or the cops. Considering that even dakwah religions like Christianity and Islam are opposed to deceit, could you kindly advise me on what I should do in this situation?


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