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My Husband Wants To Divorce Me Because Of Soap –A Woman Cries Out

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The Human Rights Defenders And Access To Justice Advocate Center Limosho branch in Lagos State has received a complaint from Juliet Chibuike. The woman reported a case against her husband known as Mr Stanley Anih.

In the complaint of the woman she reported that the husband asks her to leave his house for him.

The trouble started when the woman was sent to market to buy yam, soap and sponge among other things. The husband sent #3500 into her account for the market .

When the woman reached the market it is discovered that yam is costly and then decided to cook jollof rice. She equally didn’t buy the sponge. She didn’t see it to buy but she bought only soap at cost of 1000 naira.

One day the husband headed to the bathroom to take bathe. While bathing the soap finished. He then called the wife to bring soap for him. The woman said soap has finished. The husband got angry and started shouting.

Consequently he bought another soap and refused to share it with his family. He also stopped talking to the wife and taking care of his family.

When the husband wanted to sleep with the wife she refused because the husband has not been treating her and her children well. The husband has ordered the wife to pack her bags and leave his house.

Trouble had burst. Minor issue that could ordinarily be settled amicably has degenerated to extent of threatening the wife to leave. In my opinion the wife should apologize to the man even though he is at fault. The man should know that it is his family and should do anything possible to keep his family in peace and in love. The duty maintain peace and love in the family should be the utmost priority.


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