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My Husband Woke Up One Day To Go Work And That Was The Last Day I Set Eyes On Him

Mary had been living as a single parent for almost thirteen years. She was both the father and
mother to her son and daughter. After thirtern years of been absent in his children life, Moses
showed up suddenly in thr year 2019 and wanted to be part of her children lives.

Mary however was not happy with his sudden appearance and wanted to be part of their lives. She
refused to let him see the children because she has been through hell to take care of them. This
made Moses so angry he even went ahead to sue her to court.

The two attended several trials to try and fight for the full custody of the children. The husband
claimed that Mary had been out working for song long and she wasn’t investing to much time to their children. Mary however said to the judge, My husband just woke up one morning to go to work back in 2006, that was the last time I ever saw him.

Moses knew even after that statement the judge would rule in favour of him because the family
had money he would win the court case through bribery. Mary however outsmarted them. She
went to Doctor Mugwenu to help her win the court case. He gave her a branch that she was to
carry to the court room on the day of their hearing.

The day of the hearing finally came, she carried the branch to the branch to court room as she was
instructed by Doctor Mugwenu. The judge then announced that Mary was to gain full custody of
both of her children. The judge then ordered Moses to ensure that he provides upkeep money for
their children every end month. If he did not adjere to any of this he was to be imprisoned.

The judge also ordered him to give Mary a sum of 100,000 shillings to make up for the time he
has not been around for his children. His visiting days was twice in a week. Mary walked out of
the court room so happy and relieved. She has ever since been in her children life. She gets child
support from Moses every end month without no delays. Doctor Mugwenu helped to intervene
when she was about to loose the case to Moses.

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