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My Husband Wouldn’t Go A Day Without Drinking, He Spent All His Salary On Alcohol And Friends

Just like every other woman in the world,the idea of spending the rest of their life with a loving, caring, loyal,responsible man is always a dream come true to them. No woman would at any given point aspire to be married to a heavy alchoholic who later on is likely to make the marriage rocky.

Mustapha and Faith were married for 6 years and brought 3 adorable children into the world. Mustapha begun to drink after they had their third child however, in February 2019 his drinking habits became worse. He stopped providing money for the family and invested more on drinking and partying in clubs with his hypocrite friends.

This forced faith to open a cafe where she sold juice and french fries to be able to cater for their household bills including the three children’s school fees. Faith had severally tried to talk Mustapha into quiting alcohol but all her efforts fell on deaf ears. She even at times locked the husband out of the house just to teach him into quiting alcohol but he never changed,she grew tired and stopped because their children started asking too much questions as to why she was doing that.

Mustapha’s friends knew that after every end month, he would call all of them to hang out with him and later in the night he would volunteered to cover both the bill and all their transportation cost. Once the money was over,they all would disappear on him. Mustapha was left to turn to Faith and her small business.

“Mustapha was a kind of man who wouldn’t go a day without drinking. He was even ready to sell any electronics in our house just to get money for alcohol. I have severally stopped him from selling our furnitures, sufurias,television just so he could get money to quench his thirst for alcohol.”Faith said.

Faith was not against his drinking but she infact hoped that if he only provided for the family needs and use the rest of the money to drink alcohol, that would be fine by her, instead she was left to be the breadwinner of the house and the husband was alive, earning so well and kicking.

One day she decided enough was enough, she had to find a way to stop Mustapha for spending all his salary on alcohol and his hypocritic friends. As she was googling how to end a man’s heavy drinking, Doctor Mugwenu’s name came up first, she looked through it and as she read through the testimonials,she knew he could help she aquired his number made a phone call to him. She then explained her problem to him and Doctor Mugwenu se her up with an appointment to meet him the next morning.

The following morning, she woke up early and headed to his workshop. On reaching, Doctor Mugwenu took out a branch of tree,two leaves and a portion mixed them he then gave it to Faith to drink and told her to say, “Mustapha, I am the only woman you should provide for and think of any time you try to spend money on alcohol. You should involve me in your plans and obey all my suggestions.” Faith drunk the portion and repeated the words as she was instructed, she then went back home.

Three days later, Mustapha stopped drinking, he was not seem on any clubs or pubs for three days. Instead he was seen on supermarkets trying to stalk up food for her family. He become much more responsible and even started to leave upkeep money for faith. He even finally ditched his friends . Everybody who knew Mustapha as a drunk wondered how he managed to stopped drinking. Doctor Mugwenu helped stop his heavy drinking.

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