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My Husband’s Other Woman Showed Up At My Place And Dumped Her Underwear At My Door

Shamim was married to Joseph for about 5 years. Joseph however was not always faithful during
this period. He had several marital affairs but at the same time would not allow Shamim to
associate with any male figure claiming that she would at some point have an affair with them.

In the month of October 2019, they both decided to move to a new neighbourhood because of the
drama Joseph had caused. He was constantly picking fights with his male neighbours for
befriending Shamim. And so the landlord decided to chase the both of them.

Even though they moved, Joseph habits did not change, he kept on having affairs with difterent
women but shunned Shamim from socializing with any men. One day one of the women he was
having an affair with suddenly showed up at Shamim’s door. She banged the door angrily and
when Shamim opened the door and the woman shouted, Are you one of the few women who
have been blowing up Joseph’s phone.

For your information he has already proposed and wants to marry me so stay the hell away from him. Just when Shamim was about to say something, the woman silenced her , lowered her underwear then dumped it at her doorstep and told her to show it to Joseph the moment he comes back.

Poor Shamim did not even know what to do instead she felt so ashamed and stupid for everything
that had transpired after all the neighbours saw everything.That evening she decided to narrate the
story to the mother crying. The mother then instructed her to go visit Doctor Mugwenu to be able
to help her stop her husband from cheating because every woman want a happy marriage.

The following morning, she went to Doctor Mugwenu’s workshop and explained everything to
him. Doctor Mugwenu then gave her a herb and instructed her to put it under their pillow. He also
gave her another herb which she was to put on the woman’s underwear. She then went back home.

Shamim did as she was instructed and two days later the husband begun to be so romantic and
paid attention to her. His bad temper faded and even went to an extend of apologizing to Shamim
for putting her through hell. He decided to do away with every women he had an affair with. The
women who dumped her underwear at Shamim’s door begun to ail and she also vowed to leave Joseph alone. The two are now living happily together.
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