The hypocrisy : The Case Of Chidinma Ojukwu Versus Uduak Frank Akpan. - Mc Ebisco The hypocrisy : The Case Of Chidinma Ojukwu Versus Uduak Frank Akpan. - Mc Ebisco
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The hypocrisy : The Case Of Chidinma Ojukwu Versus Uduak Frank Akpan.

The media has been abuzz with the alleged murder of Usifo Utaga the CEO of super tv. The case has been pounded with dissenting views concerning the fault of the parties. As we all know, Usifo Ataga aged 50 and Chidinma Ojukwu 21 were lover’s despite Usifo being married. Usifo was found murdered in a hotel. After investigation it was found out his mistress Chidinma had booked and paid for the hotel with an unknown number and fake name. According to her previous confession Usifo tried to rape her, she thereby defended herself by stabbing him while being in a drug induced state.

Late Usifo Ataga below

Nigerians to my surprise came to her defence saying that she is a young girl and that it is not her fault as she was only defending herself. Some claimed that she is only 21 years old and a child, that if she really was a murderer she wouldn’t have withdrawn money from his account using his atm. we all know the legal age of an adult in Nigeria is eighteen years old. Others defended her by saying that Usifo is irresponsible and should be ashamed of taking advantage of a little girl that is old enough to be his daughter and is 29 years younger than him. Infact a lot of celebrities were warning thier colleagues to pipe down low and be careful of their philandering activities.

Nobody really questioned why Chidinma used a fake number to book the hotel, how Chidinma was able to overpower and tie up an able bodied man who was a karate expert. No one questioned how she was found with a fake drivers license with a different name. All the blame games was on the deceased. She was granted several press conferences and paraded like a celebrity thereby stirring pity for her. Even her confessions which she changed three times did not overturn the blame given to Ataga Usifo unlike the case of iniobong umorem a job seeker in Akwaibom who was raped and murdered by Uduak Frank Akpan.

In Iniobong umorem’s case all Nigerians in one voice called for the investigation and justice of late Iniobong, nobody blamed the job seeker . We all knew Uduak grand Akpan allegedly committed the murder because he was traced through social media. Nobody accused her of going to an unknown place. Even when her alleged killer Uduak Akpan Francis said he was trying to defend himself because she tried to assault him Nigerians knew he was being sinister and called for a transparent investigation.

Late Iniobong umoren below

My question is this, why are we being hypocrites? Why are we practicing a selective justice system? How do we want the family of Usifo Ataga to feel? A murder was allegedly committed by both Chidinma Ojukwu and Uduak Frank Akpan, why cant we put sentiments aside and call out the perpetrators. Who made us judges in court of public opinion? Or is it because Chidinma is a female and Uduak Frank Akpan is a male. A murder was committed and that is what matters !


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