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I Am Ready To Pamper Any Guy Financially If Only He Will Marry Me – Lady Announced

Social media is meant for fun but these days what people are turning it into is sometjing new far different. It’s now a place where people advertise their body for men and all sort of things. These days facebook has the highest population of the single ladies most especially those who are eager to get married.

These ladies are ever ready to offer huge sum of money to anyone who will accept to be their life partner. Mark Zuckerberg should turn Facebook to a dating site now because that’s what is curently happening, just my suggestion though .

Here is a story of another beautiful rich woman who goes by the name Halima hails from the Mountains view Estate Of Nairobi of Kenya.

The rich beautiful woman Halima, has said unveil that she is from the city of Mountain view estate, Nairobi, Kenya and is curently looking for life partner. Halima has been in search of a dating page or groups on social for a while now but couldn’t find one until she was introduced by her Fatima into one dating group on Facebook.

Halima said that her friend Fatima, got hooked up by this admin in this same group on Facebook and she really cherish the the kind of guy her friend got and so she is there asking the admin to do the same for her hoping to have a nice man like her friend Fatima.

Halima do mentions same qualification her she saw in Fatima recent hookup. According to Fatima, the guy should be honest , ever ready to love her for ever and a guy who is so humorous so that she will feel free to have fun with any moments she wants.

She has also reveals how rich is and also introduce her money making business. She still go further to say that she is ever ready to spend o the guy she will be hookup with as far as the guy will be kind to her.

Halima added that she needs a well behave man and any guy coming to her must coming with a HIV reports test. Below is her post in Facebook:

But is it wise to look for a suitor from social media? And do you think money can buy true love?

Let’s know your tbought



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