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I am Suspecting My Wife, I Need Advice – Nigerian Man

I got married to my wife 10 years ago. She was 24 at the time and now we are blessed with 2 kids.

My wife has always been one of those self centered all about her looks type of person but I just ignored it and saw the good side of it.

After two kids and at 34 my wife still looks very good, I guess that’s one of the perks of marrying young.

But one thing I noticed is that when she was pregnant with our first son all she ever talked about from day one was getting back in shape and losing weight, she was never excited about being a mother or bringing life into the world. Well She still maintained her shape and when you look at her you will think she’s 25/26. I’m grateful for that however.

Now, the downside of this is that she gets a lot of Male attention which she entertains and I’m not comfortable with, On her instagram she’s following a lot of males which I’m not comfortable with.

I addressed it to her and she complains I’m being paranoid that they are school friends. When she goes out with her friends she’s always over dressing and looking seductive almost like a single lady looking for toasters.

She’s that over friendly type of woman, always on her phone, likes to do too much shakara and it’s just starting to irritate me. I checked her phone last week and theres one guy that keeps on addressing her as ‘love’. I’ve not addressed it to her yet because I’m waiting to catch her red handed so she will not be able to come up with any flimsy excuse.

One day when her and her friends came to my house to meet up for a birthday party, they all dressed like a bunch of ashawos. The following day we got into a huge argument because I warned her to never try that again.

She is still stubborn and she hasn’t changed. Im fed up of her attitude I’m thinking of separating from this woman before she gives me high blood pressure. She’s not a homely wife at all.

All she wanna do is go out, to even attend to the kids effectively is now becoming a problem. I’m tired.


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