I Called Out Banky W Because Other Producers Are Suffering

I Called Out Banky W Because Other Producers Are Suffering

Samklef Banky

I Called Out Banky W Because Other Producers Are Suffering

Nigerian music producer and singer, Samuel Oguachuba, aka Samklef, stepped on many toes in the music industry recently after he called out Bankole Wellington, aka Banky W, music executive and politician, for allegedly refusing to give him due credit, especially in the form of royalties, for his contribution to Wizkid’s debut album, Superstar.

Samklef noted in an interview with Sunday Scoop that he spoke up because other producers were “suffering in silence.”

He said, “You describe it as ‘call out’. But, for me, it is just me voicing out. A lot of producers are suffering in silence and I am not happy about it. Shizzi, my brother, (also a producer) has also voiced out his frustrations. (I believe) more is coming.”

Samklef also added that he announced his plans to contest for President of Nigeria because he believes it is time to stop whining and take action.

He said, “Leadership is a responsibility and not a right. I believe every responsible Nigerian should be able to run for any (elective) position as provided and supported by the constitution. We have done enough of complaining. I declared to run in order to inspire other young able Nigerians that might be nursing political ambitions. I have helped with a seven-point agenda and I believe we would see many young people declaring (their intentions).”

Asked if he believed that a young Nigerian stood the chance of leading the nation, he said, “It starts with the mind. If you believe it, you would achieve it. Nigeria cannot change in four years. That is why we need a young person that has a lot at stake and still has reasons to stay alive to run the country. Check my agenda; it has plans for 25 years.”

On if he feels misunderstood by people, Samklef said, “Even Jesus was misunderstood, so I pay more attention to those that understand what I am saying and are in the same realm as me.”

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