I can’t marry, I’m a man in woman’s body – Ex HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah

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Former HIV/AIDS ambassador in Ghana, Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, has declared she is a man in a woman’s body, and so it will be impossible for her to get married to another man.
Joyce in a post on her Facebook page said that marriage is not meant for everyone and two men cannot leave in one room as husband and wife. Joyce who has married thrice went on to say that she does not like anyone controlling her, hence marriage is complicated.
See the post below:
Marriage is not meant for everyone. Especially, some of us who are men in women body. Cool to have a boyfriend who stays very far from me and see each other in a while than to live together.
Two men cannot live in one room as husband and wife. It will not work. Check yourself and see if truly you’re a complete woman or the male hormone in you is much greater than the female hormone before you jump into marriage with your fellow man.
I don’t like anyone to control me. I don’t know how to wear ladies shoes . I don’t know how to hold ladies bag. Who has ever seen me with ladies bag? I don’t know how to fix artificial nails and eyelashes. I could go on and on. But I’ll end it here. Marriage is complicated.

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