“I Got The Wrong Information”- Lady Apologises To Mercy Johnson For Accusing Her Wrongly


An Instagram user, identified as thenancychidera, has come out to apologise to Nigerian star actress, Mercy Johnson- Okojie, for accusing her wrongly.

In the recent video, Nancy who wrongly accused Mercy Johnson of hiring thugs and coming to cause trouble, took to her social media handle to apologize to the mother of four, for her previous judgement over her.

How it all started

Earlier on Friday, the actress revealed that a certain teacher in her daughter’ s new school, was harassing her daughter just because her mother was a celebrity.

Heading over to her Instagram account, she said:

” A teacher at my child’ s school has been bullying my daughter constantly for two whole weeks.

She tells her to her face that she doesn’ t like her mother, tells her that celebrity kids are badly behaved” .

Nancy’ s side of the story

According to Nancy who claimed to be an eyewitness of the incident that happened on Thursday, accused Mercy Johnson for causing trouble in the school whenever her daughter was corrected for fighting another child during school hours or being disrespectful.

She went further claiming that following the incident that happened on Thursday, Mercy brought in thugs to attack the teacher.

Mercy Johnson reactions to Nancy’ s claims

However, Mercy while reacting in response to the Nancy’ s allegations went live on her Instagram account, as she paid a visit to the school.

During the live video, Mercy trying to prove Nancy wrong was seen speaking with the Head teacher asking if they met on Thursday, and the Head teacher replied saying a ‘ No’ .

Nancy open apology

Nancy in a recent Instagram video, made an open apology to the actress.

She revealed that she was misinformed about the issue at hand.

She said:

” The events of the past few hours have been very traumatizing for me and I just came on here to apologize to Mrs Mercy Johnson Okojie.

I was mis- informed and I didn’ t have first- hand information over everything.

I believe what I saw over what may have

transpired before I got there.

So I based my judgement on that. I’ m very sorry for whatever issues I may have caused her family and whatever trauma I may have caused them through at the end of today, I really hope she finds it in her heart to forgive me. ”

She also added that ever since the misunderstanding occurred between her and the actress, she has been receiving death threats, and pleaded for the public to forgive her for being quick to judge.

How Nigerians reacted to Nancy’ s apology

Meanwhile Nigerians while reacting slammed the Instagram user insisting that she should have first gotten the information clear before jumping into conclusion.

Omalicha: ” The moment I read how she talked about how she gave details about Mercy’ s child’ s former school, how she was chased out of school because her mom told her to disrespect and fight teachers, I knew this woman was not being truthful and fair in this

matter. ”

InternetGangster: ” This actress called mercy Johnson and her local prince must have threatened and bullied this innocent lady. ”

Ifyofficial: ” If this is not daylight witchcraft then I don’ t know what is! How can you just let your hatred for someone push you to the extent you went? Tarnishing another mother’ s image and even her kids for what? You’ re lucky, someone like me would have given you that beating of your life you claimed you saw her thugs give the head teacher so you’ ll learn to do your gossiping with sense. ”

Mrisaacman: ” The fear of law suit is the beginning of wisdom. Hahahaha, Mercy would have sued you for defamation or whatever! ”

BizzyLizzy: ” She has a bad and bitter mind and spilled all the venom in her heart before, now she is coming here to form meek and docile.

Popedpaul: ” Like play this one has gotten 15 minutes fame, Jumping into conclusions without getting your facts right. ”

Badylove: ” The lady just wanted to

trend with mercy’ s name, this is the reason why this celebrities are always careful on things they do, the social media is not even doing justice at all, small thing you will see it everywhere. ”

Goldenboy: ” She did not think of her mental health when she rushed to judge without making her findings. ”

Champman: ” Clout chaser” .

Moneybag: ” So upsetting, I knew you were lying from the onset. Your post was filled with so much envy and resentment.

May God heal you from the spirit of hate, envy. I hope mercy and her family forgive you. ”

TheLoneRanger: ” My apologies too, I was also misinformed by this misinformant. ”

Omalicha: ” Can you just imagine? She said she was misinformed? Madam, I thought you

said you witnessed everything that transpired including how you also know that Mercy’ s daughter was chased out of her former school? .

You were also misinformed when you told everyone that mercy tells her children to disrespect and fight their teachers? Madam, you must have even killed someone with false accusations. You’ re wicked and bitter. “

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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