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I Just Discovered My Wife Owns The Company Where I Work And She Has Instructed They Sack Me Wrongly

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I just discovered my wife owns the company where I work and she has instructed they sack me-Worried husband

How do couple get to live with secrets in between them? you owe properties and keep it away from your spouse what benefit is it to you?

This case is really pathetic, please listen to Yinka and judge well if he needs to divorce the wife on the strength of this.

Hello sir, compliments of the season and top of the day to you. There is this burden of mine which arose from an issue in my workplace.

I work as a junior staff in this big company of about 7o employ. My duty post is in the sales-marketing department. This day my direct supervisor gave a directive I supply 400 cartons of goods worth about 7 million naira.

He even gave me a cover note as required by law. Now I made this supply and the recipient received it with even a written acknowledgement.

Two weeks later the recipient has refused to pay and now the company has fired me for making the supply.

And I only acted on instructions. With all the available fact at my disposal, I wrote an appeal. During the cause of the appeal, I found out that this company in which I work as a junior officer is owned by my wife.

My same wife I live together within the house. In fact, I learnt that the supervisor was even promoted to a manager while my wife recommended my sack.

Now my wife is not even aware of my discoveries I am still shocked on why my wife would have such a big company and yet still stay under my roof I am paying rent and lastly, why would my wife recommend the promotion of the supervisor and sack me?

Please what measures can I take to seek redress against my wife’s company and yes I want a divorce.


Let’s suggest ways Yinka can solve his marital issues.

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