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I lost my Baby girl at the General Hospital because of a Muslim Doctor – Nigerian mother


A Nigerian mother @guccioyin on twitter, narrates how she lost her baby at the Ikorodu General Hospital because of a Muslim Doctor.


My son had an attack around 3 am in the morning on the 19th of July,2019. we got to General hospital Ikorodu around 3:30 am, rushed to the emergency room and had my mom fill the form for my son cos he needs to be attended to immediately…


Unfortunately for us, the doctor wasn’t on seat or in his office and what the nurse said then was “I can do nothing to him unless the doctor is here” (in Yoruba) tho after helping with oxygen. Called his line it was switched off, checked his office he wasn’t there, nobody knows his whereabouts.

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When he was later Found around 5 am, he wasn’t emotional, no sign of emergency act through him, he wasn’t audible enough when he started asking question, no first aid treatment except the one given from the nurse, the worst part of it was that he kept insisting he wants to go pray (as a Muslim All of this was around 5:30 am cos I kept checking the time.

He wrote all that to get… Ran to get them and got back. He told me to get another stuff, went to get them… During this period he was already at the mosque… He got back around after 6 and my son was already weak…

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He kept attending to other people (tho I’m not really against that but those people are not even emergency cases cos they were only complaining about headache or body pain)

During this period my son couldn’t breath fine again and he said he will need to transfer us to Ikeja cos there’s no bed to admit him.. to cut the long story short. I lost my son around 10 am in the morning…

No treatment is given, no first aid except oxygen given, all items bought was wasted, no effort shown at all, even at his death bed no emotion at all… I’m not writing this cos I feel I should write it…

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I already promised the doctor I’m gonna file a petition against him for incompetence… I don’t know his name but I know they will surely search for his name through their register… He was on a night shift and he’s a Muslim… If we don’t do this,

they won’t take government work serious. They feel the government can’t do anything to them that’s why they keep wasting lives …

Please kindly help repost this till the government see this
Thank you

ps: my son was just 9 months 2 days then… I’m pained right now and heartbroken as well

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6 comments on “I lost my Baby girl at the General Hospital because of a Muslim Doctor – Nigerian mother


Nonsence story


This is not a religion issue
You people are reckless and worthless in terms of saying a truth
What happened to your child it’s his destiny
You like it or not it’s already done by the one who created him.




The caption alone tells the direction of the story. Nigerians and their bigotry. Nothing will change except we change in our thinking and actions.


Nothing happen to the religion but the doctor.. Because the doctor is one you look for ..not the Islam entirely. to me if that is true ..the doctor is very very wicked


Anonymous 99.5 percent of Nigeria s doctors are doctors to kill and not doctors to heal. They are nuisance and not ready to work. They’re never on duty and when u see them u need to bribe them to attend to u.


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