I Respect Buhari's Leadership, But APC's Policies Are Bad For Nigerians: Bala Mohammed
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I respect Buhari’s leadership, but APC’s policies are bad for Nigerians: Bala Mohammed

Bauchi State governor Bala Mohammed and President Muhammadu Buhari

I respect Buhari’s leadership, but APC’s policies are bad for Nigerians: Bala Mohammed

The attention of the Sen Bala Mohammed Presidential Campaign has been drawn to an incorrect report circulating in the media. In his passionate speech and direct appeal to delegates in a number of North-Western states, including Katsina to embrace his Nigeria First Agenda, the frontline PDP presidential aspirant, Sen Bala Mohammed, took a swipe at the current APC led Federal government and its failure of leadership on all fronts- security, economy, low capacity utilisation, excessive borrowing without results, poverty reduction and the management of the forex regime.

This constructive criticism about policy has no direct bearing to the erroneous report that Sen Bala Mohammed insulted and abused President Muhammadu Buhari; nor is it true that Sen Bala Mohammed does not hold President Buhari in high esteem. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sen Bala Mohammed respects President Buhari and the high office he occupies even as he is unwavering in his criticism of the failure of the APC government to improve the life of the people.

It must be understood that legitimate criticism of policy deficiencies does not tantamount to a personal attack on any sitting President, including President Buhari. Sen Bala Mohammed, who believes in civil discourse and robust but respectful contestations of ideas, did not deviate from this time-honoured principle in his campaign stump speeches. To therefore ascribe to him the intent of abusing President Buhari as claimed in some corners is disingenuous and alarming.

As the campaign season heats up, we would like to remind all critical national stakeholders- political parties, politicians, the media, government agencies, and ordinary citizens -to emulate the example of Sen Bala Mohammed and focus on the values that bind the people together and the policy options that will rescue the nation from the current clueless APC government and the harm it is inflicting on our people on a daily basis, but to pursue this course of action while respecting the personality and humanity of all, including President Buhari.

Prof Udenta O Udenta
Ag. Director-General/Spokesman
Sen Bala Mohammed Presidential Campaign Organization
Monday 16 May, 202

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