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I Sat On My Dad’s Laps, Mum Walks In And Started Shouting At Me – Is She Jealous Or Am I Wrong?

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My name is Jessica, I’m in my early twenties, 22 precisely and I’m currently a 300-Level student in University of Lagos. I need your advice on what to do because I’m actually confused right now.

The thing that happened is, I came back home from school last night because we’re done for the semester. On arrival at home, i entered into the living room and saw my Dad sitting on the couch watching TV. So in my happy state because I’ve missed him for months I hurriedly sat on his laps. Still on his laps talking about school and how school was, mum walks in and pulls me by my ear and yells at me and warned me never to sit on Dad’s laps again.

I felt very mad and sad because i just sat on Dad’s lap with a clear mind. I’m confused right now because i thought to myself if I’ve committed any crime or maybe mum is jealous.

Please I’m at a crossroad now because if I can’t sit on my Dad’s laps who’s laps should I sit on.

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