“I Saw A Sitting Governor’s Convoy Being Attacked”- Apostle Johnson Suleman Releases New Prophecies


Apostle Johnson Suleman is one of the few well- known men of God who have a track record of their prophecies coming true, no matter how unusual or unusual the circumstances.

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministry (OFM), and Nigerian televangelist, has disclosed three things God showed him that are about to happen during his sermon on Sunday at OFM Church headquarters in Auchi, Edo State.

  1. Apostle Suleman claimed to have witnessed a sitting Nigerian governor being attacked in his convoy. ” I watched a governor run out of a convoy, a governor of a state, a sitting governor in this country. ” I witnessed how they attacked his convoy and how they had to bring him to safety. You’ re aware that all of my prophesies come true. So, I witnessed a sitting Governor’ s convoy being attacked, but God rescued him as they were about to overpower him ” he stated

  2. The clergyman also revealed that God revealed to him that a current African President would die, and that he was forbidden from praying for him. ” And I saw an African President, not a former president, but a present serving president, going away, waving and saying goodbye in a revelation. He is the president of a country close to us, and I simply saw him wave goodbye to the world, and when I tried to pray for him, God told me not to since I couldn’ t alter anything ” the Apostle, stated.

  3. He went on to say that God told him to warn people about the impending food shortage that will hit the country from December to February 2022, causing food prices to rise. ” I’ m not supposed to tell you this right now; I’ m supposed to tell you next Sunday, but God says I should. There will be a food shortage from November through early December. So, start stocking up on food now, rather than waiting until December, because supplies will be tight, and food prices will be three times higher by February 2022 than they are now. So start shopping for everything you’ ll need right now. I understand that things are costly, but nothing compares to what is about to occur. What I witnessed was far from encouraging. ” We have fallen into the hands of the wrong people, ” but God will help us and preserve us. ” He said

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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