I Sent Photos To A Man Who Showed Interest But He Bewitched And Trapped Me Into Doing Favours For Him

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My name is Camila, for a long time I was always so fond of both Facebook and Instagram. I enjoyed flirting a lot with cute men who in boxed me whenever I was bored and had nothing important to do, but most times, I did not allow myself to be emotionally attached to them.

But, one day a good looking guy named Torris in boxed me one Saturday night. The guy was so obsessed and impressed by the photos I had posted on my Instagram account; he couldn’t stop worshipping how beautiful I looked in them. He then asked me for my number, I couldn’t resist his look so I gave him my cell phone number without any hesitation.

After so many days of catching up and getting to know each other, he asked me for my photos. So I sent him my current selfies that I had taken. Days later after sending the photos, I couldn’t resist him. I started doing favors for him that a normal typical girl wouldn’t do for a stranger.

Any time he asked me to loan him money, I went on my way to provide him with all his requirements. One time, he asked for a sum of shs 20,000, and since I did not have the money I decided to ask one of my friend for it and refund later. When she found out that the money was for Torris, he immediately jumped into telling me that I had a much bigger problem.

She then advised me to go and see Doctor Mugwenu to help me out. So I called him on +254740637248 and booked an appointment with him. When I got to his workshop and explained my problem to him, he told me the guy had used voo doo to blind me, he even trapped me into abiding to him that’s why I was so quick to do him all the favors he asked.

Doctor Mugwenu performed a spell on me to help break the voo doo spell placed on me on the photos I sent. After that, I was able to resist Torris charms thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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