I Sold My House To Train My Brother In Law To School Abroad Look At How He Paid Me Back – Man Seeks Divorce

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Edsa is mad about the behaviour of his brother-in-law and is seeking divorce over his actions. He claims he trained him to school abroad and even sold his house in the process.

Now he has a good job and has secretly built a house for his wife.

Mc Ebisco happy new year. I am so happy for you and your accolades. I saw your award as best writer for the month of December by Opera.It’s a welcome development.

Anyway, I have a burden I need to unload right now.

My wife and her brother-in-law have done a grave sin against me and God.

I got married to my wife about 15 years ago, When I met her she was a nobody I took her in and started training her siblings. My own younger brother today could not complete his schooling in Ghana because of this and had to come back to Nigeria. Only last year he started school back again from his savings, the guilt of these hurts me so much.

Now resources I would have used in enhancing my sibling’s education I channelled to that of my wife.

My same brother that I could not pay his school fees in Ghana today is doing even better than me. He has discovered my folly and has refused to even speak with me any more.

I had to sell my house in Lagos at a time and gave the money to my wife to send to the brother to pay for his accommodation and tuition fees in London. Throughout his education in the UK my brother-in-law never worked I was paying his school fees.

Since two years of graduation of my brother-in-law I never heard from him.

I just discovered that my brother-in-law is even back in Nigeria with a lucrative job and has even bought a house for my wife in Abuja which she collects the rent. While I am paying house rent in Lagos.

December her tenant who was owing her house rent came to our house surprisingly to pay his rent. He pleaded with me to beg her that he would have paid since but was sick.

That was how I found out that my brother-in-law bought a house for my wife two years ago.

I am sure he did that to appreciate her for spending my money in educating her,

Now I have not even confronted my wife and the brother.

I am thinking of working hard as there is a job I have been working on his and would soon pay me any moment from now.

I am thinking of just walking away from my marriage and settle down somewhere buy a house and get married again.

Please, how can I go about this. My best regards and congratulations once again.

What do you think?

Written by Mc Ebisco

Welcome to Mc Ebisco, I am a blogger and a comedian in Nigeria, My aims and objectives are to share knowledge and varieties of news and information across the globe.

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