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I Took An Oath To Avoid Shame And Now I Am Found Guilty, What Should I Do (Read My Full Story)


My neighbor gave me five bet9ja games with the sum of 600 naira to play for her when I get to the shop where I work as the manager. I was to play one of the game 200naira and the rest 100naira.Out of my ignorance, I played only the one of 200naira and ate the money for the rest.
She asked me of her coupon when I returned home that Friday night but I keep posting her because there was no coupon.
To my greatest surprise all the five games entered and my neighbor started asking me of her money cos she has calculated it from the odds she gave me and it was summing up to 70k which I don’t have that kind of money to pay her.

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I gave her 24k which was the winning for the 200naira coupon I played but she insisted her money was still remaining, instead of me to explain and beg her, I asking her if she’s now calling me a liar.

All this led to a serious quarrel between us both until our neighbors gathered. Instead of me to end the fight, I started swearing on my grandmother’s grave that the 24k I gave was all her winnings in other cover my shame knowing to well that I’m guilty.

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The next day our neighbors went to our shop to meet my oga so he can log in to my account to check the winnings but it was discovered that it was only one of her game that I played and now I’ve already taken an oath out of shame.
The question is “what should I do to free myself from this bondage I’ve gotten myself into”??

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