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I Want To Leave My Husband Because He Doesn’t Satisfy Me – Woman Cries Out

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I know plenty men might be having various thoughts towards this lady, including women, why would she want to leave her husband because she is not satisfied, is there no other solution, personally for me, I believe marriage or any relationship shouldn’t be built on it, the foundation should not be it, in other to avoid such problems like this.

Mrs Mary in a chat with a relationship expert and counciling team revealed her problems to them.

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My name is Mary, am a married woman for now, 2018 precisely June, I got married to this man who claims to love me, though I loved him too. We had some connections but we nevered got to know each other down there, you know what I mean, because of all the no stuffs before marriage

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Am not a shy woman and am not ashamed of myself, I know what I like. We got married and on our wedding night nothing happened because he claimed to be tired of which I respected his action.

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Days and days went by this man refused to touch me, so one night I made a move towards him, we started and all that, but my husband wasn’t getting anywhere then I discovered he had a problem it will take a relatively long time for him to get up.

He tried pleasing me in other ways, I enjoyed it at first but now am tired of the whole shit. I want to leave him, am so confused because he is such a nice man who treats me nicely, but I can’t cope, I really can’t, I don’t want a situation where I will be tempted to look outside.

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Please am confused, I need your advice

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