I Would Have Been 6 Or 7 Months Pregnant With Angel Now”- Princess Shares How She Lost Pregnancy


Award- winning Gambian actress, entrepreneur and all- round entertainer Princess Shyngle has taken to her official Instagram handle to explain how she lost her pregnancy. Princess Shyngle said that she was extremely happy when she was pregnant.


She said that her joy knew no bounds and she was planning how to celebrate and flaunt the pregnancy. Besides, she said that she had planned how to do baby shower and she had started shopping baby clothes.


She said that God had other plans for her. She said that she was rushed to the hospital one day because she was feeling some severe abdominal pains. Princess Shyngle said that the condition would have been dangerous for her and she underwent an immediate surgery.

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She said that she would have been 6 or seven months pregnant by now and she shared her story just to encourage other people who might be in the same condition today. She explained how she cried after losing her pregnancy.

She said: ” . . . I named by baby Angel. I would have been 6 or 7 months pregnant with Angel now. I am sharing my story today to uplift someone out there going through it right now. Whatever it is, don’ t give up” .

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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