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How To Identify If Someone Is Homosexual Or Not.

Homosexual means”same sex”and describes someone who is attracted only to people of his or her own sex.

how can i find out if i am homosexual or not?

It is really a matter of age.Because an adolescent has homosexual feelings or has sexual activity with someone of the same sex, it is not possible to say that he or she will be homosexual for life.some people take a lot longer to develop an interest in the other sex.if a young man or woman has reached the twenties without feeling any interest in people of the other sex, then it is likely that he or she is homosexual.
.Can a person be changed from being homosexual?

Again, it is really a matter of age.for adults who have been completely homosexual for years, both in feeling and in activity, the answer must usually be “no”. However, younger people whose sexual feelings are not yet firmly fixed on either sex can often be helped to become interested in the other sex if they want to.There is no ” cure” because there is no illness.

It is important for those of us who are not homosexual to remember that our sexual feelings are not something we choose, but something we discover as we grow into adults.we are what we are, and for some of us it is simply natural to be homosexual.


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