If A Dog Tries To Attack You, Do Not Run – Do These 7 Things To Save Yourself Quickly

One way or the other, we’ve all been in a situation whereby a Dog tried to chase or bite us and we later fall off on a wrong track by provoking the dog more and more to attack us.

Alot of us see it as a daily life thing where by a dog barks at you whenever they see you.

Today we’ve gathered a few things you should do when a dog tries to Attack you. There as follows:

  1. If you’re holding anything with you be it umbrella, phone charger that you know you can loose and other things that can easily be thrown away, use it to hit the Dog.
  2. When the dog is still far away, take your shoe and hit it with the hard sole part.

  3. Pick any object around you be it stone, or or any other hard material used it to hit the dog.

  4. just in case you know the name of the dog, kindly call the name as it can or may any chance reduce the aggressiveness of the dog.

  5. If you know the dog owners name, call it as it will reduce the force or anger of the dog towards you.

  6. Don’t Bark back at the dog because it provokes them the more.

  7. If by any chance the dog nears you, avoid the mouth or teeth because most dogs carry rabies which are highly deadly to human beings.

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