Igala Ladies Are Beautiful But Before You Date Them, Note The Following

Igala is a tribe in the North Central part of Nigeria. The tribes is found in Kogi State majorly but spread all over other parts of the country. In Kogi State, Igala and Ebira are the major Ethnic groups sharing the largest portions of Kogi lands. These Igala people are the owners of Local Governments areas such as Ankpa, Idah, Omala, Igalamela/odolu, Ofu, Olamaboro, Dekina and Ibaji Local Governments.

Igala Ladies are undoubtedly beautiful and are the kinds of ladies you would want to mingle with. But before you think of hanging out with any of them, it is good if you know the following things about them.

General facts

1. They are mixture of Christians and Moslems.

Unlike the Hausa Ladies that are mostly Moslems, the Igala Ladies are combined. This means if you get to Igala lands, you would meet as many Christian ladies as you would meet Muslim ladies. Although, in some parts like Ankpa and Dekina, you might end up having more Moslems than you would have Christians. Therefore, if you are Christian or Muslim, go to Kogi State and you will see your choice.

2. Their women hardly cheat on their husbands.

Igala women are well brought up that they hardly cheat on their husbands. Apart from the fact that they are well brought up people, they they also have a strong deity that forbids Adultery in some parts of Igala. For instance, in Ogugu, a district In Olamaboro Local Government, a Married woman don’t dare to cheat on her husband because the consequence is grevious. The deity which is called “Ibegwu” in Igala dialect can wipe off a generation if disobeyed without proper appease.

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3. An Igala lady might form Hard-to-get.

Forming hard-to-get which is normal in every lady is something you are likely to experience when asking an Igala lady out. Not easily giving in to your request is a sign that they know their worth. What this means is that, even if an Igala lady is not giving in to your proposal immediately, keep trying because the harder you try, the more your love becomes plain in her eyes.


Before you think of going to see the parents of an Igala lady, you should first of all know the processes so that you don’t fail along the line. Here are the steps to follow;

1. Mutual Agreement between you and the lady.

The first thing is for you to first of all propose to her before visiting her parents. If she accept your proposal, it means you are free to come and visit her people officially. That official visit is the introduction.

2. Pre introduction.

This is when the groom and his kinsmen visits the family of the bride for their first introduction. On this day, they shall make their Intention known that they are interested in the beautiful flower in their in-laws’ compound (popular phrase). The date of the introduction shall be fixed. There shall also be some negotiation of how much to bring for the refreshments of that day. Whatever amount is agreed, the groom’s family hands it over to the bride’s family who are going to entertain them that day.

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2. The introduction.

In Igala dialect, it is known as “Unnyo nwe egba” which in English means “Take it if you like me”. On this day, friends and families are going to gather; it is not meant for only the two families. There is something you should know here, the cloths your wife is going to wear this day shall be bought by you.

During this occasion, the family of the groom courtesy of the mediator shall drop the money for the introduction in a cup (The amount varies from place to place) and given to the wife to take and hand over to her parents if she truly want to marry the guy. If she accepts it and give to her parents, the deed is done. This exercise is done In both her mother and father’s rooms. On this day, the visitors around shall make donations for the bride; from there she shall have some money to prepare for her Marriage proper.

3. Date fixing.

The next thing is to fix the Traditional Marriage date. On this day, only the groom and his kinsmen shall visit; although, it is not mandatory for the groom to be on ground on this day. On this day, they shall fix a date for the Traditional Marriage and equally negotiate a price for the feeding of visitors that day. Any amount agreed upon which is in most cases higher than 100k in some places, the groom shall provide it before the Marriage date because it is from that money that the bride’s Family would cook and do other things from.

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4. Traditional Marriage day.

On this day, all guests and well wishers shall be on ground to witness the Marriage. After some the necessary Traditional rites have been performed like the bride price payment, the rest of the occasion is dance and merriment. Talking about the bride price payment, the amount varies and some families might decide not to take the money at all. This is how it is mostly done; assuming the bride price is 20k (an assumption) and the bride’s parents don’t want to collect bride price on their daughter, all they need to do is to collect like N10, N20, N50 or N100 from the money and say they should forget about the rest. That’s how it is ceremoniously done when a family decide not to take the bride price.

5. The escort.

After the Traditional Marriage, the family of the bride is mandated to escort their daughter to her husband’s house. On this day which sometimes could be the next day after the Marriage, her parents need to buy her things like plates, pots, Oil, food stuffs etc. These are the things they have to escort their daughter with.

That’s it my people. Hope you had a swell time reading this article from Petertech. What do you know about Igala ladies? Do you like them? Please share.

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