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Igbo Man, A policeman seized my money, I reacted and He shot my Leg (Photos)


An Igbo Man, from Abia state has narrated a touching story on how A police man seized his money and shot his Leg with Gun after he Reacted.

By Mr. Chizuruoke Nwogwugwu, Abia state.

“I escaped being killed by an unnamed rogue policeman attached to Isiala Ngwa Area Command for the ‘grievous offense’ of not paying #200 passage bribe to the policeman.


“I was driven home by an okada. On getting to the gate of gate of NDE, Umuzegu Nsulu, the police stopped us, and we obeyed.

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“The policeman requested for N200 “passage bribe” but the okada rider told him that he doesn’t have. He got angry and us to hands up; we obeyed.

“The policeman subjected us to body search. In the process of searching us, He saw the sum of #50,000 which i had on me and confiscated it.

“I protested saying that he has no right to confiscate my money. In the process of protesting a serious verbal altercation ensued, and the policeman slapped me. I got angry and insisted to know my offense for being manhandled by the police. For my audacity the policeman shot me on the leg.

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“The sound of the gun and my cry alerted nearby villagers who surged out to find out what was happening. As the police team saw the crowd of villagers who were surging out to help me, they shot into the air and zoomed away in red coloured pickup van with the victim’s #50,000. The Villagers led took me to Nsulu Police Post to incident the matter.

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“The station head identified the trigger-happy policeman and called him on phone requesting why he shot an unarmed peaceful citizen. The policeman said he shot me for “proving stubborn”.

“I have taken this long to narrate this story to prevent the police from coming up tomorrow with the lame excuse of UNKNOWN POLICEMAN.

The policeman can only run but he can’t hide.

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