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This Igbo Man Got Married To A Canadian Woman Today, See The Outfit His In-laws Wore At The Wedding

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and has obtained favour from the Lord. Love is indeed a beautiful thing, it’s kind, it bears all things, it’s patient in crisis and it’s the only goddess with many worshippers. Love can be found anywhere and all it takes is two understanding hearts.

As I was scrolling through my Facebook news feed, I came across a post shared by a user identified as Prince Peter Okeke in a group named Igbo Nation. Peter Okeke shared photos of his cousin who got married to a Canadian Woman. Love is indeed a beautiful thing and the pictures he shared were beautiful and colourful.

Most of you would be wondering the outfit foreigners wear when they get married to a Nigerian man. Wonder and think no more, his wedding shows us that love is stronger than tradition. The woman adhered to the principle of a woman being submissive to her husband. She and her relatives wore an outfit of the Igbos and you won’t easily detect that they ain’t Nigerians. The outfit fit them perfectly and the pictures were just colorful and beautiful.

It’s my earnest prayer that God binds this couple with cords that can’t be broken by any third party. May God bless this union with unending peace. Amen

Kindly drop a congratulatory message for this newly wedded couple.


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