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Igbo People Should Take Their Businesses Home, This Is What Other Nigerian Businessmen Are Doing – Man

A man known on Twitter as Uche Okoye alias Anambra First Son has advised all young Igbo businessmen to take their own businesses home after he revealed what he found out that other businessmen are doing.

Most Igbo businessmen who want to open their businesses always go to places like Abuja, Kano, Ikeja, Banana Island and other choice places in Lagos to build their businesses and have their offices there.

But one Uche Okoye who is a Biochemist, Broadcaster and developer has now asked all Igbo businessmen to carry their businesses home as he has now seen what other businessmen from other parts of the country are doing.

Mr Uche Okoye used owners and founders of businesses such as Konga, Hotelsng, and even Nairaland as a case study to come to the conclusion.

According to him, businessmen from other parts of the country have their businesses situated in their hometowns while Igbo businessmen do not do the same.

For instance, the founder of Konga, a popular online market in Nigeria has his office in his hometown, the founder of Nairaland, an online platform in Nigeria has his office in his hometown. Even the founder of Hotelsng also has his office in his hometown.

However, when it comes to Igbo businessmen, they all have their offices in places like Abuja, Lekki, Banana Island, Ikeja or other choice locations in Lagos and neglect their hometowns.

He therefore asked all those Igbo businessmen to bring their businesses home because locating their businesses in other places is robbing their brothers and sisters of the employment opportunities. It is also not helping the east to develop as it should.


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