Igbo Presidency Will NEVER Happen In Nigeria, Look At These 6 Signs

The promise of an Igbo Presidency is an old lie that has been told too often by politicians. The selfish lie is targeted at securing the votes of the Southeastern region which is dominated by supporters of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP. Interestingly, the rumours of an Igbo emerging president in the year 2023 is gathering momentum. This isn’t the first you will be hearing it and certainly it will not be the last.

Below are some reasons why the promise of Igbo Presidency will never happen in Nigeria:

(1) The Igbos are more concerned about business:

Just as the northerners crave for political power, the Igbos crave for money and they easily do businesses to generate that. An average Igbo man is more concerned about what he can do for himself rather than what the government can do for him. For this reason, he fails to participate in politics.

(2) Igbos lack unity:

Unity is a virtue which is very scarce in the South-east. Authority is fragmented in the region historically and this was why the Indirect Rule system failed among the Igbos. Igbo politicians easily pursue diverse interests which are always counterproductive.

(3) The scars of the civil war:

If there is a tribe that doesn’t feel it should be a part of Nigeria, it is the Igbo tribe. The civil war worsened the feeling. It ended in 1970 but the scars are still there. The Igbo tribe till date struggles to closely relate with other tribes except business/money is involved. Igbos also hesitate to marry people from other ethnic groups.

(4) Small population:

Politics is a game of numbers. The population of the Igbos is relatively small. This is far from the number of electorates produced in the northern part of Nigerians. This accounts for the reason why popular Igbo candidates mostly fall short in the game of national politics.

(5) The Nnamdi Kanu factor:

With due respect, Nnamdi Kanu is a polarizing figure from the Igbo nation. He has sown the seed of disunity, hate and intolerance within his people and he constantly advocates for secession without any breakthrough. Since national politics entail collaboration with people from other geopolitical zones for the majority of votes, the Igbo nation is regularly found wanting. The clamour for Biafra makes the Igbos fringe contenders in the presidential race.

(6) The Tinubu factor:

Even if a major political party will take the risk of making an Igbo man its presidential candidate, the person must be ready to go tooth and nail with the ‘godfather’ of Lagos politics, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who is prepared to throw his hat in the ring in 2023. He is a very wealthy and experienced politician with strong local and international connections. He is a formidable stumbling block to the South-east and the Igbo politicians are wary of him.

Do you think the dream of an Igbo Presidency could be realized sooner or later? Why do you think so? Share your views in the comment section and let us discuss.

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