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Igboho Seeks Treatment In Germany Or France As Health Deteriorates In Benin Republic Cell


Chief Sunday Adeyemo (also known as Sunday Igboho), a leading activist for the Yoruba nation, is in severe condition, according to his lead counsel, Chief Yomi Alliyu (SAN). In an interview with The Nation, Alliyu stated that the beleaguered agitator’ s health was rapidly failing and that he required urgent medical assistance in another country.

While on an alleged transit voyage to Europe, Igboho has been held in detention in Cotonou by the government of the Benin Republic since July of this year. It has been learned that the government has not filed any particular charges against him at this time. His attorney stated that he had been transported to a hospital in Cotonou for medical treatment.


In his statement, Alliyu alleged that the agitator’ s organs may have been harmed while attempting to flee during the July 1 raid on his Soka, Ibadan house by operatives from the Department of State Security (DSS). In Cotonou, Igboho was not diagnosed with this illness until after he was taken into custody. They had to transport him to a hospital since his condition was so grave.


It is unclear whether he has been returned to prison from the hospital, but what I do know is that he is suffering from serious health problems, with his kidneys and lungs appearing to have already been harmed. ” Even though I am unable to determine which portion of his body has been most severely damaged by the illness, I am confident that it has something to do with his internal organs, ” he stated.


According to the lawyer, Igboho had asked to the Republic of Benin authorities for permission to seek better medical treatment in either France or Germany, and had been granted permission. According to information obtained by The Nation, no precise date has been set for the hearing of the intended accusations against the activist.


Earlier this month, an Oyo State High Court ruled that Igboho’ s agitation was valid, concluding that he was exercising his fundamental human rights in carrying out his campaign. The court also ruled that the DSS’ s invasion of his home was unconstitutional and awarded him aggravated damages of N20 billion against the secret police.


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