'Igbos Should Fund Ebubeagu While Ohanaeze Take Over From Governors Who Abandoned It' - Chief Ude - Mc Ebisco 'Igbos Should Fund Ebubeagu While Ohanaeze Take Over From Governors Who Abandoned It' - Chief Ude - Mc Ebisco
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‘Igbos Should Fund Ebubeagu While Ohanaeze Take Over From Governors Who Abandoned It’ – Chief Ude

It’s been months since the southeast Governors established a legitimate security outfit, Ebubeagu to combat the menace in the region. They followed the templates used by the Governors of the southwest but it’s worthy of noting that Ebubeagu haven’t been fully tested till date regardless of the unveiling ceremony by the Governors.

The people of the region tasked their leaders to form an entity which will counter the activities of criminal elements in the various states but it’s unfortunate that these undesired elements are still engaged in their heinous activities within the region.

The outfit was also meant to be perceived as the legitimate regional security entity in Igbo land as against ESN which is a branch of the proscribed group, IPOB.



Some political figures and elder statesmen were recently questioned about their views and opinions regarding the outfit and why it seems to be non-functional in the face of insecurity within the region. Most of the interviewees were dismayed at the condition of the security outfit and its level of functionality.

One of such persons who was very vocal about the condition of Ebubeagu is Chief Jackson Ude who was the former Director of Communication to President Goodluck Jonathan. He voiced out when he said the respected socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze would be in the best position to take over the management of Ebubeagu from the Governors in the region.

He is one amongst many who believe the Governors aren’t doing enough to actualize the true potential of the group due to their personal interests.

He believes security is a very delicate matter and shouldn’t be treated lightly especially in Igbo land where recent activities have raised the threat level. He said well-meaning Igbos should fund the group otherwise, they will wake up one day and discover that the Fulani herdsmen have taken over their land and appointed Emirs in their lands.

Chief Ude believes the security group has its main objective which it was established to achieve and Ohanaeze should reach out to well-meaning Igbos within and outside the country to help fund the group; the group if funded will help protect Igbo land and it will be void of politics since he believes the Governors are not ready to do the needful.

Chief Ude believed the Governors only created the group out of shame after their counterparts in the southwest created Amotekun, others believe it was created to checkmate ESN which is under the command of IPOB.

The former Director of Communication was very vocal as his words reads; “Ebubeagu was supposed to protect our people from armed herdsmen who have invaded our lands, killed, raped and destroyed farmlands. But instead of the Governors to vote in funds and make it effective, they abandoned the outfit because it doesn’t soothe their political calculations.

They are all looking for a Presidential ticket or a Vice Presidential ticket and as a result, would rather have our people killed by armed herdsmen. South East Governors betray our people and cannot even uphold the constitution they swore to protect the lives and property of their citizens.”

What do you think about Jackson Ude’s comments regarding Ohanaeze taking over the management of Ebubeagu from the Governors?


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