IKOYI BUILDING COLLAPSE: ”I Don’t Want Justice. I Just Want To See My Son Dead Or Alive”- Father Weeps Bitterly (VIDEO)


It is the fifth day since the collapse of the Ikoyi building and many families are yet to get closure.

The death toll stands at 38 and many bodies are still trapped under the rubble.

As a result, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has declared three days of mourning over the Ikoyi building collapse, which occurred on Monday, November 1.

A statement released by the state Commissioner of Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotoso, said the governor has ordered that all flags are to be flown at half-mast in public and private buildings and official engagements canceled during the mourning period which is to span from Friday, November 5th – Sunday, November 7th.

As much as the public is calling for the punishment for the persons involved in the construction of the defective building, the families of the victim couldn’t care for justice especially right now. Some of them just want to see their loved ones, dead or alive.

“I Just Want To See My Son Dead Or Alive”

A heartbreaking video of a father speaking about his 16-year-old son, Emmanuel Abel, who is believed to be trapped under the rubbles at the site of 21-storey-building in Ikoyi, Lagos state has been shared online.


Abel Godwin

In the video, the devasted father who couldn’t hold back tears said all he wants is just to see his son dead or alive. He stated that he is not in pursuit of justice.

“I am devastated. I pleaded with the state governor yesterday that he should allow me check the dead bodies that have been recovered. He promised to do so when he comes but he hasn’t been able to talk to us yet. I’m hoping on God to see him, whether dead or alive. That is what i need now. I am not fighting any justice but i want to see if my son is dead or alive. His name is Immanuel Abel, he came from Abuja. My name is Abel Godwin, he is my first son, he is just 17 years…”

He went on to say that after Immanuel finished his secondary school, he didnt pass his JAMB examination to get into the university. In a bid for the boy to not be idle, he decided to send him here to gain some experience in building only for it to end this way.

How Nigerians Reacted

No parent I repeat no parent should ever have to deal with this!! So heartbreaking 💔

This is so heart breaking , may we never bury our child 😢😢

It’s so painful… May we not lose our loved ones🙏🏽 🥺😭

Blood of Jesus!! God please intervene in this country😢

This is sad. Lets all pray for all the affected families!

😢😢😢 I hate watching stuffs like this. I hate it when people gets hurt over something that could have been prevented .😭😭😭

Every parents worst nightmare! It’s been 3days and they’re still trapped 😢😢😢

When a father cries 😢😢it’s from the deepest pain this is heartbreaking 💔

I have been so heartbroken since😭😭😭

God pls give these family closure and console them all🙏💔💔

So them never excavate this building waste to see if some people will be still be alive?

Who else cried while watching😢😢

The Last Video He Made Was Of Driving Into The Ikoyi Building

For the Iwelue family, they are still hoping that their brother, Samuel Iwelue trapped in the debris from the Ikoyi building collapse is still alive.


Samuel Iwelue

Ann Iwelue, his sister shared the last video he made while entering the structure on Monday, November 1.

In the video, Samuel looked so happy as he drove into the compound. He complained about the heat in Nigeria and how the air conditioner in the car wasn’t cooling due to the hot temperature in Lagos.

Ann said her brother came to Nigeria for a wedding in Abuja. There he met the developer, his friend who told him of a massive structure he was constructing in Lagos. They flew to Lagos to see the construction. Sadly, that was the last time anyone heard from Samuel.

She also queried the manner in which the rescue team was carrying out the operation. According to her, what they were doing was a demolition as it gives no chance for any survivor to be rescued.

”Please people help…..

is this how a rescue mission should go?

-This is no longer a rescue mission this is a demolition. What are the chances anyone would survive? We are killing potential survivors like this.

-Please I need help, my brother may be in there. I can’t watch this anymore. I can’t speak enough because I don’t want them to stop but they need to change this approach, you are pulling things over anyone caved in head.

Please help me post and repost again. I need experts my brother is a survivor but they are making his fighting chance slimmer.” she wrote

She also shared a video on her page alleging that the rescue team had no clue on how to use the life detector machine.


Ann Iwelue

”This is the rescue team yesterday trying to figure out how to use the life detector on day 3 at 3:34pm, they didn’t get to use it. This is exhausting I need them to change their approach @jidesanwoolu a tactile approach should have been used…

My brother is a fighter!!!!”

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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