“I’ll Never Go Up North Again”- Freed Corper Revealed Why Bandits Took Photos With Them & What They Told Them After The Viral Photo Shot


49 Ikoya Road, Adeniran Estate, Okitipupa Ese Odo Local Government, 350104, OkitipupaDespite security services’ efforts to decrease and stop banditry in Nigeria, it has remained one of the country’ s most serious challenges. Many people are harmed as a result of their illicit activities, and while some live to tell their tales, others do not.

On the 19th of October, 2021, Jennifer Iorliam, a 29- year- old NYSC member, was one of eight persons kidnapped by bandits in Tsafe village, Zamfara. She was released a week after her kidnapping and has indicated that she was traumatized by the event.

She also recounted what the bandits told her and her colleagues when they snapped photos with the bandits that went viral. She has claimed that she will never return to the north, even if she is forced there. Jennifer told the Newsmen at Vanguard about her ordeal.

I Thought They Were Army, I Never Suspected That They Were Bandits- Jennifer Talked About Her Kidnapping


She claimed she was on a bus with seven other people when the incident occurred. She said they arrived at the Tsafe community in Zamfara around 6 p. m. and noticed men dressed in military uniforms.

After the uniformed guys ordered them to come down and forced them into the bushes, they recognized it wasn’ t the Army. She described how they were led deep into the woods and told they had to cross a stream to reach the robbers’ camp.

She also described how they passed through a neighborhood rife with bandits and kidnappers. She revealed that two of the abductees escaped before they arrived at the camp, leaving only six of them.

She described how they were fed largely bread during their stay, and how those who refused to eat were forced to. She added that they were mistreated, but that she was fortunate in that she was not tortured as two of the guys with them were.

The Viral Photos: Read The Truth Behind The Popular In- The- Forest Photos Shot With Bandits


Jennifer explained that the criminals decided to take the images because they were excited that the ransom money for their freedom was soon to come.

She claimed that the robbers took the images with their phones and instructed them to inform the public that the corps members had been kidnapped. She further mentioned that the bandits are passionate about their work.

Jennifer claims that the ordeal has left her terrified and that she is grateful for her freedom. She praised the Benue state governor for his role in their release and indicated that she had been redeployed.

” It was a cash transaction. When they realized the money had arrived, they drove us to another hill and showed us the way, despite the fact that it was a long way away.

When they learned that the money was close by, they instructed two persons to fetch the money and explain what they were wearing. They left us off at a different location at that point.


They did not take us to the location where the money would be collected. Some stayed on the lookout while others went to get the money. Some of them returned to where we were being held and requested that we be transported and given over to our parents after collecting the money and confirming that it was what they had requested. ”

Kidnapping Of NYSC members is common these days. The NYSC management was once accused of telling corps members to prepare for ransom in case of kidnap, below is how they reacted to the news;

NYSC Denies Asking Corps Members To Prepare ‘ ‘ Ransom Funds’ ‘ While Travelling On High Risk Roads


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has rejected media claims that it instructed serving corps members to have money ready in case they were kidnapped while traveling on high- risk highways.

Some media outlets reported that a security advisory issued by the scheme in March 2021 advised serving corps members to notify their family and friends before embarking on a road trip, as this would allow them to prepare sufficient ransom if they were abducted, saving them from an untimely and brutal death at the hands of violent criminals.

NYSC management rejected this accusation in a response posted on their social media accounts. Read the rebuttal after the jump.


” The National Youth Service Corps’ attention has been drawn to a fake release making the rounds on social media to the effect that Corps Members traveling on ” high risk roads” should alert their families, friends, and colleagues in order to have someone to pay the ransom demanded if they are kidnapped.

Management wishes to declare unequivocally that the clause cited is not contained in the NYSC Security Tips brochure, which was compiled by a well- known former security expert.

Management would like to remind the general public to always seek clarification when dealing with the Scheme.

Please be mindful of being taken in by the antics of those who wish to criticize the Scheme.

At all times, management must prioritize the safety and well- being of Corps members and staff. “

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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