I’m 51 Years Old And I Have Never Dated Any Man – What Should I Do?


My name is Faith has been living with his mum until she passed away 3 years ago. After his loss, he has become lonely and now even wonders what true love really feels like, or what it feels like walking with a man.

He finally wants to move on with his life but does not know and what to even do in order to get to the point that he has someone to love as well. Faith narrates;

I’m 51 years old and I have never dated all these years and you can say that I am a 51-year-old virgin. Whenever I see other women and men holding hands and walking together, I wish this could be me.

I’ve been very lonely at times living alone in my apartment and I have been crying more now than I did when I was living with my mother 48 years ago. She passed away almost 3 years ago and I don’t really have anybody.

Even though I have a job, I hardly stay for a conversation with my colleagues and some of them even hardly know my full name. I always turn down their invitations for parties and weddings simply because I have never been at such places.

However, I want to have the same feelings other women are having with their male partners. I want to stop crying all alone in my room and finally have enough fun like others are doing.

Even though I know perfectly well that I have grown old, I know I can find a life partner, but where do I start? I don’t really feel confident that any man we like me at the moment and wonder if I will be accepted by any man After all, I’m a 51-year-old virgin and lacks experience in a real relationship with the opposite partner.

Please I need an advice on what to do now, you can use the comments section to drop your own opinion.

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