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“I’m Afraid For Saga” – Angel Laments

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Shine Ya Eye housemates, Angel Smith, also known as Angel has queried the relationship between Saga and Nini in the big brother’s house, saying, she’s afraid for Saga.

According to Angel, her concern about the relationship is based on the fact that Nini had mentioned that she has a serious relationship outside the house. Angel said Saga may be setting himself up for heartbreak when the show is over.

These Angel had revealed to her fellow housemates of Pere, Cross and Queen when the housemates where having discussions shortly after the live eviction show. Angel laments about Saga knowing fully well that Nini has a man outside the house, yet he is still with her every time. She said that it will be hard for Saga when he eventually sees Nini with her boyfriend moving on after the show.

Angel further said, “It is common sense, it will be hard for him when we leave this house. It will affect him outside the house”. She concluded by saying that Saga is setting himself for heartbreak outside the house.

Meanwhile, Saga has stationed himself with Nini everywhere in the big brother’s house despite the later insistence that she has a boyfriend outside the house.

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