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I’m Begging My Fellow Igbos To Calm Down, Violence Can Only Take Us Backwards, Not Forward – Moghalu

During an interview section with professor Kingsley Moghalu with BBC, he was able to disclose his views about the current situation of Nigeria. Professor Kingsley Moghalu is a Nigerian politician, an Igbo man who was the former deputy governor of central bank of Nigeria. He is a professor who has taught in two prominent universities in the United kingdom. He’s also a lawyer and a founder of a big company.

He was asked what he has to say about the current situation of Nigeria, he was able to say his mind about what’s happening today in Nigeria. He said that the Nigerian leaders don’t know how to lead, that’s why there’s insecurity in the country. According to him, he said that the south eastern people should take things easy so that there won’t be violence in the country.


He said there should not be violent in whatever they’re doing, because violent can only take us backwards not forward. There’s no way violent can take us forward if we decide to be violent in this country. If you’re seeking for peace, you shouldn’t be violent about it, because it can only cause more harm than good.

Professor Kingsley Moghalu never said anything about being against Biafra or IPOB, but he only said this because he knows the consequences of being violent in whatever you are doing.


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