"I'm Just Fed Up, I Need Help, Even If It's Someone To Talk To Before Depression Creeps In" - Lady B - Mc Ebisco "I'm Just Fed Up, I Need Help, Even If It's Someone To Talk To Before Depression Creeps In" - Lady B - Mc Ebisco

“I’m Just Fed Up, I Need Help, Even If It’s Someone To Talk To Before Depression Creeps In” – Lady B

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“IM JUS FED UP! I need help guys! Even if it’s just someone to talk to, before Depression creeps in”

That was the caption from a young and beautiful lady identified as Kalesi Funke, as posted on a popular page on Facebook, a few moments ago.

What could have been the problem or the cause of the problem and which is now about leading to depression is what is unknown, but it is certain that this no joke post for her to have come out publicly.

Depression is very dangerous and its damaging effects are unrepairable. It is a state in which one’s soul, mind, and body become completely weak and less functional. The more you think about the problem the more depressed you are and the scarier wrong decisions to take becomes. Most times, depression has turned lots of people to retrogress from a success ladder, while many have given up on hope in life, thereby resolving to suicide.

Last year and this year alone, some of you could bear witness of many who had died as a result of depression from sack letter received, breakup from a lover or intimate partner, lack of trust from parents or society, blackmail from business partners, or a cheating spouse.

Just late last year, on a Sunday afternoon, it was of God’s mercy that Ogechi Obidiebube, a BBC reporter, was not consumed after she had attempted a suicide for not being ‘credited’ for her contribution to the sex-for-grades documentary in which she had contributed immensely.

Urgent help for the needy

One of the major purposes of creating this public awareness is to help save lives and avoid previous sad occurrences. In case anyone is a closer friend of this lady, please kindly do her a good favour to give her a call. If she lives around you, lead her to a c good counselor or direct a counselor towards her.

General warning

Always remember this important message that The Problem is not a Problem but refusing to solving the Problem is the Problem. The basis of this analogy is that problems only need solutions, and allowing depression or taking a and drastic decision will only aggravate the whole situation. Also, don’t think of death as a solution because there’s another life after death; it is either into a paradise or into a place of torture, for the good and the bad, respectfully.

Please, what do you have to say to this, and how do you feel such situations could be handled?

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