I’m Losing My Wife To Another Man, Please Help Me

Hello Editor,

Thank you very much for providing your platform for us to share our emotional trauma, i really appreciate.

Please I want you to share my story with MORE Tribers and help me analyze this situation let me hear their opinion on this matter. Please, hide my identity and make me anonymous.

Something happened yesterday and had rubbed off my peace till now. My wife and I dated for 2-years and have been married for 2-years now that’s to say we’ve been together for 4-years now.

During the dating period a lot of issues erupted which caused us so much disagreement including this guy we met yesterday he was one of the issues we had but I put all that aside and paid her bride prize believing that those issues were because I didn’t marry her yet, like she will always say to me she can’t put all her eggs in one basket!

My wife is a great woman both at home and in business, very supportive but I am no longer comfortable with certain things which I had told her severely but she won’t see reasons with me.

My wife likes and prefer the company of men to women.
On Facebook if her friends are 100%, 80-90% are men. There are a lot I can’t type here so lemme go straight to the issue bothering me now.

There is this guy a driver that brought waybill for my girlfriend only for us to get the bus stop to receive the parcel I decided to stay somewhere and watch her while she receive the parcel and notice how this guy was looking into her cleavages as she stood by the bus to receive the parcel coz the top she wore was revealing and i wasn’t comfortable with that so I called her to order when we got home and after then this guy kept calling and both kept talking on phone which tried several times to stop instead it turned out issues.

We broke up severely and got back because of issues like this,(other men coming between us) I really and truly love her and I feel incomplete without her. so after we got back this last time before I paid her bride prize I noticed that there was no communication with this guy again not until yesterday when we got to the park to receive parcel immediately I parked the car my wife screamed so loud in excitement that she almost pull down the car roof and got me so scared I thought something went wrong and I asked her what went wrong she said sorry that she saw her friend I was so disappointed at her, only to alight from the car to see this friend that my wife is so excited about it was this same guy that had caused us issues 2yrs ago, even before she gave this guy her phone line again as he claimed to had lost his phone where he saved her number.

I was so furious that I refused to speak to her till we got home. When I asked her what that drama was all about all she could say to me is that its been long we had issues that am looking for an avenue to start one.

Does this woman respect me at all? Knowing that the sight of this guy brought back sad memories? Am I over reacting? Coz I feeling she doesn’t respect my feelings.
This is something I can’t do to her but she do it to me without remorse.

Please advice me oh coz am getting irritated feeling she doesn’t have regard for me or how I feel. She is 32 and and i’m 34yrs. She is your follower. I will be reading comments thank you Sir.


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