I'm Not Gay! DP Ruto's Son Nick Ruto Comes Out To Dismiss Kenyans Over Trending Video - Mc Ebisco I'm Not Gay! DP Ruto's Son Nick Ruto Comes Out To Dismiss Kenyans Over Trending Video - Mc Ebisco
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I’m Not Gay! DP Ruto’s Son Nick Ruto Comes Out To Dismiss Kenyans Over Trending Video


Deputy President William Ruto’s Son Nick Ruto was at the receiving end from Kenyans online after a video emerged of him, showing an Indian man putting a necklace on his neck in what seemingly was a birthday present. The video is said to have been taken during Nick’s birthday where he was celebrating hitting 30 years old. The Indian man in the video is seen taking a necklace and putting it around Nick’s neck amid cheers from witnesses. Kenyans after watching the video were quick to Judge Nick Ruto, claiming that he was gay since he allowed a fellow man to gift him a necklace.


However, Nick come out to dismiss those who had questioned his s3xual orientation insisting, the necklace was just a birthday gift. DP Ruto’s son advised his followers that it was important to build their circles and celebrate each other and also gift one other during special occasions like birthdays. This will help you understand the value of friendship and comprehend that gifting a friend of the same or opposite gender does not amount to a s3xual relationship,” said Nick.

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This comes days after he had come out to advise youths in Kenya to follow their passions and talents such as sports to overcome the challenges they face. The DP Ruto’s son was speaking during a sports event, Nick said instead of indulging in vices such as drugs, the youths should participate in positive activities that promote their lives. He said should youths engage in their passions in the various sectors in Kenya, they will also attract the attention of the government which will aid them in improving their lives.


“The leadership should come out to speak to the youths. There is a way you can speak to the youths on how they can come out of those problems and guide them on how they can get focussed in life,” he said. He also urged the government to support initiatives that uplift the youths such as sports so that they can eliminate any problems ailing the young people.

How Kenyans reacted;

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Source: Mcebiscoo.com


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