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I’m Not Getting Younger Anymore But the Guys Coming to Me, are People I Don’t Love – Lady

The journey to finding one’s partner isn’t always very rosy but filled with different issues, arising from either you or the person you intend committing to. Many people suffer silently daily in their quest for the right person in their life. Some eventually see but another issue that arises is either they don’t find who they love, or who they think they love doesn’t reciprocate such love to them. You find out it’s quite unbalanced and thus keeps the search for ‘Mr Right’ ongoing.

A lady by name Rose Igwilo took to Facebook to seek for people’s advice on the issue she’s having, in getting a man in her life. She said that she really want to get married at an early age but the issue now is that the guys she doesn’t love, are usually the ones that love her so much but those that she loves, end up not giving back same love to her and she isn’t getting any younger.

What do you think Miss Rose should do in this, in order to get that ‘Mr Right’ she’s seeking for, putting to mind that it’s marriage that’s being talked about here, which obviously is a lifetime commitment.


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