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“I’m Proud To Be A Virgin” Says Eserlm

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A lady who goes by the name of Eserlm on Twitter fired the imagination of people who are on Twitter, by seemingly posting something that even credulous people seemed to find it hard to believe. What Eserlm said on her official Twitter account prompted many people to revisit some of the concept that they have learnt during a subject called ” Life Orientation”. The world has been greatly transformed as a result of the advancement in technology, however, socially the world is still yet to be tranformed. It is often said that, the world that we are living in today is way much better than in any other generations, but when one examines what used to occur during those years, one can easily conclude that socially we are still far behind from the previous generations.

In the years goneby, older people will be greatly thrilled to hear someone saying ” I am proud to be a virgin”. In today’s world order, people generally don’t get to appreciate some of the things that used to build and hold many societies together. Admittedly, there are certain things people are expected to do when they reach a certain age. But the truth of the matter is that, most people in today’s world, do things without following any social teachings.

One thing that older civilizations did that most people will do well to follow, is that, people were taught to engage in certain things when they become adult. Things like initiation schools were there to educate the youth about some of the things that they will encounter later on in life when they entered the stage of being adults. And that helped those societies greatly, because people back then, didn’t get to be shocked when they hear what Eserlm has said on her official Twitter account. In fact, it appears, judging by what has been documented, that it was a norm back then to find majority people affirming what Eserlm has posited on her Twitter account.

Eserlm tweet appears to have went viral, because of the replies the tweet got. And most of the people who replied to what Eserlm has said, seemed to be astounded. It is understandable why people were rather surprised to hear somone proudly saying “I am proud to be a virgin”. As already alluded above, the world that we are living in today still needs to be socially transformed. Subjects like life orientation and life science will help a lot.

The picture below of Eserlm was taken from her Twitter account: View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Below is the screenshot of Eserlm’s tweet:

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