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I’m Single And Need A Man In My Life This 2020, Says Pretty Nollywood Actress


A beautiful Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya has uncovered that she is hysterically looking for a man with whom she can spend the rest of her life with and start a family.

As per the report gathered in a meeting, she admitted that she’s single and prepared to fire up a family this New Year, 2020. The Edo State conceived script interpreter who serves as the CEO of Labell Beauty World asks God to favor her with a hardworking man as a spouse.

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She said; “Finally the year 2020 is here. My plan by the grace of God is to get married, have my own happy family, produce my own personal movies, and have another branch of my business Labell Beauty World. Sadly, for now, I don’t have anyone that I am dating. I am still very single and searching for the right person. “I have Faith that very soon, I would find the love of my life: a hardworking man.”

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Recall sometimes around 2017, The Edo State-born, Enugu based actress bluntly told Potpourri during a live interview that she would never reckon to any proposal to be a second wife to anyone.

Actress Egbenya further added that she’s ready to retaliate in tons whatever she’s served in 2020 to stop people from taking advantage of her kindness. “There are certain people that I show true love but they don’t even deserve it. They will come out and be misbehaving, but you see this year I will give them all the things they give me. Good heart in 2020 is not for me. If you are nice to me, I’ll be nice to you too. “If you celebrate me, I’ll celebrate you. If you do me bad I will return the gesture. As for those that show me, love, I’ll show them love to the fullest, because I am a loving person”.

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