I’m Single Because I Don’t Know How I Will Sleep Well In My Boyfriend’s House – Lady

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While many people especially the ladies cry for so many reasons why they are single, ranging from not finding a better man to having series of heartbreaks, little did one know that one’s sleeping posture could deter one from finding a partner.

Worse still is if the lady snores as many men are known to stay away from such women. Although not every man hates such, some women because of that still get scared that their man could reject them because of that reason.

A lady by name Vican took to Twitter to narrate of the reasons why she’s still single. According to her, she has a bad sleeping posture which is snoring while sleeping, and she imagines how she can sleep in her boyfriend’s house that way, which probably could make the man stay away from her.

Even if you have a bad sleeping position or you snore so bad while sleeping, it’s best you work on it than giving up totally on yourself. You shouldn’t hate yourself for that for any man who loves you wholly will accept you the way you are, irrespective of how bad it is. Be yourself and work on your flaws then, leave the rest to be settled by itself.


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