“I’m Still In Shock 14 Years Old Girl Came Up To Me & Told Me She Wants To Be My Girlfriend” -Man

A Romantic Love is an emotional bond between a matured man and a matured, although they say age is just a number but that won’t be a reason why young teenagers ,who are supposed to be focusing on building their life, career and future, should feel the need to get into the adult’s shoes. But that is not the case with this younger generation, who feels that they are matured enough in every aspect, and that they have the right to take decisions on their own.

A young man identified as @Koladeking on twitter, shared his experience with a young teenager of 14 years who he claims walked up to him and express her feelings for him ,and equally told him that she wanted a real relationship between them, we might assume that this is a childish taunt but its really that anymore.

The guy took to his twitter page to share this story ,after a young woman share the story of how she was introduced into adult games at a very young age, He said this story in order to encourage parents to pay more attention to the activities of their kids,while they are still growing up.


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