I’m So Thick No Man Can Handle, It Gets So lonely In My Bedroom

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I am a 36 year old wonderful ladies searching for love.i have been single for as far back as 4 years And I’m prepared to experience passionate feelings for once more.

I have 3 children and since the time I began putting on some weight it been truly elusive somebody who sincerely cherishes me for who I am.

My last sweetheart was genuinely injurious, he would consistently advise me to Lose weight and due to this my certainty and confidence has dropped.i surmise he just couldn’t deal with this thickness.

I need somebody who will cherish and acknowledge me the manner in which I am. I am thick and curvatious and I live myself the manner in which I am.

There isn’t anything amiss with having a touch of additional meet to my bones and I need a man who can deal with and like this artfulness.

I would prefer not to lose any weight Im content with my size and the manner in which I look, I need a develop parson who needs a genuine lady in his life, I’m that ladies.


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