“I’m From A Wealthy Home. I Only Want Love And A Boyfriend And Not Money” – Lady Cries Out

Days are gone when ladies stay and wait for a man to come meet them, try wooing them, getting married to them and also taking care of them. Now many of them work for their own money so to sort their bills. Some others who may come from a rich home still strive to make more money for themselves and then keep seeking for the right man.

As it stands, many ladies now do the approach on men and not allowed to be asked out. If such men aren’t there, the social media which has been a strong tool for both the influential and common man comes handy as they voice out their demand for a man whom they could call theirs. This though sounds unbelievable as it’s not really in line with our culture as Africans, but one can say it’s part of what civilization brought to us.

A lady by name Anterucilo has cried out on twitter that she needs a boyfriend. She highlighted that she’s from a wealthy home and doesn’t need money from anyone but just love and a boyfriend.


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