I’m A Woman With My Money, I’m Looking For A Young Man But He Must Be Able To Perform A Show

Some people Staying Single it’s by Choice but to Us we Struggle to find Love. The type of guys I want they just neglect me and I have my own personal belongings.

Assets And More I do have. Everything a man may need I do have I only need to be loved like any other women out there. I don’t really like older Men because they are getting tired very easily and they are Stubborn.

My ex husband was about 65 Years old I tried my best to make him understand that as a young woman I need to reach my orgasm during Mating. What I got from his answer was that I disrespect him and he’ll not listen to me.

I took the old Man to Man’s Clinic Seeking Medical Help to his Prank so that it can last longer , When we get there he started to bring up the attention to Us like each and everyone was starring at us Wondering if Whether we agreed on terms before I brought him there.

To tell the truth I’m still young I’m 28 years old the old Man came to my family I forcefully Married me as he has More Money. I disagreed but my dad forced me to as It was good for the family.

He took me to varsity I finished my studies now I’m a qualified engineer I work for my self.

But who will work my body ?? I’m starting to loss it in the head I really need this .

Younger Men are still active they’ll give me what I need and I’ll get satisfied but as now I don’t know What to do.

We divorced with my husband and now it’s my time to have fun.

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