IMAGINATION: Scientists Creates New Breed Of Chicken That Have Arms (Watch Video)

Well, the moment you’ve all been waiting for is here, your pet chicken can now be equiped with arms.

People have started showcasing pictures of their two-handed chickens and it’s one of the funniest thing we have ever seen.

This week, a discovery on Etsy has had chicken owners going crazy.

Well, because you can now buy arms for your pet chicken.

Yes, you read that correctly…

People are dressing their chickens up in “baby arms.”

It requires a bit of DIY. They are attaching a piece of wire to the set of baby arms and then putting them on their pet chickens to pull off a rather bizarre look.

Folks have been sharing images of the finished look on social media.

Unique is definitely a word we would use to describe it. It’s perhaps one of the most bizarre things we’ve seen. But we kinda love it too

Someone, at some point, clearly thought chickens with arms would be a good look.

But, it somehow made this chicken look rather macho.

Some said they now want to buy a chicken as pet just for the plastic arms.

“We are constant entertainment for the aliens,” wrote one bamboozled user.

At this point in 2020…We don’t even have the ability to be shocked by this.

Many said the arms made the chickens look “buff.”

Some were left all-out confused as to why do chickens need arms, exactly?

Kindly share your thoughts and views avoab this in the comment section below.


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