Immediately You Notice These 5 Things In A Lady, She Wants To Be With You

For a man to date a woman it takes the acceptance of that lady for their relationship to work out. As a man, you are supposed to be the one who propose relationship to your desired woman, but this action becomes easier when you realize she is showing you signs that she wants to be with you.

Today, I have taken my time to outlining some of those things ladies do when they seriously want to get involved with you. Below is a list of five signs a lady would show you when she seriously wants to get into a relationship with you.
1) She keeps quite when you talk:

Ladies are known for talking alot. Once any lady starts keeping quiet when you talk and pays attention to what you say, know she wants to be with you.

2) She frequently calls you pet names:

Calling of pet names is one of the warmest gestures in a relationship between a man and a woman. For a woman to call you pet names, you have to start paying attention and understanding the kind of names she calls you because they are not meaningless. Many ladies unconsciously do this, and smart sensitive guys use the opportunity to shoot their shots.

3) She keeps calling you everyday:

Calling a friend is normal, but the moment a lady starts calling you everyday, just know she does not want to be just friends.

4) She spends lots of time video-chatting with you:

Video chatting is a new technology that has been seen to be mostly used by lovers. When a lady spends long periods of time making video calls with you, just know she wants to take your relationship to the next level.

5) She starts following up and upload things about you and her on social media:

Many ladies who are into relationships do not post things about their partners on social media. So for a lady to post things about you on social media when you are not yet in a relationship with her speaks volumes of the kind of affair she want to have with you.

Those are some of the signs a lady would show you if she wants to be with you.

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