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Immorality: Police Bust Bank Manager For Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife (Video)

Marriage is something that is supposed to last till death part the two lovers, but some marriages are sour due to the rate of cheating between the partners. If not from the male partner, it will be from the female partner which could lead to divorce at the end. It shouldn’t be so. I don’t know why it is very difficult for some people to stick to one partner. Many people have cheated that it is very hard for them to stay with one particular person.

This is related to a video which was posted in Facebook of how a grown up man was busted while he was having a nice time with someone’s wife. According to the caption of the video in Facebook, the poster said that he is a bank manager and he probably went to manage someone else’s wife as you can see.

In the video, after he was caught, police was summoned to come arrest him and the woman. This is a very shameful act, if you see how people gathered in the scene of the incident, the man was even ashamed of his act that he covered his face with his hands.

See the video here.

Many people carried their phone camera to record the event as if they are all journalists. But to be sincere, this is a shameful act. Avoid this, it doesn’t pay but rather bring a bad name to you. The time you start staying with a particular person, the better for you, this message is for everyone. Drop a comment


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