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IMO IS BLEEDING: See How Nigerian Security Operatives Are Killing Scores Of Imo Youths

The insecurity in Imo State has taken another approach as the security men started killing youths in the state. The victims were called ESN members or Unknown Gunmen.

Rev. Anthony J. V. Obinna of the Catholic Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province explained in his statement how the youths and everybody in the state are now living in fear.


In his statement titled: ” Stop the killings, Convoke a cease- fire meeting, Save Imo State; A charge to Governor Hope Uzodimma and all stakeholders” , the cleric urged the state and federal government to save Imo State from destruction as the killing is becoming unbearable.

His statement reads, ” Last year, exactly about this time, I charged Governor Hope Uzodimma and other Igbo leaders, to protect our people and defend our lands. That charge was provoked by threats and acts of invasion on our farmlands by Fulani herdsmen.

” Now, our very lives are at stake, as killings of Imo people are taking place in broad daylight and at nights, by both officially and unofficially armed men. Imo people are on the run from known and unknown gunmen.


” There is scare in the air and anxiety on the ground. Imo people are hiding, living in fear. Reports of indiscriminate arrests for no clear reason and killings, as a show of power or in alleged retaliation continue to spread.

” On Thursday, June 3, 2021, I visited Owerri Federal Medical Centre mortuary. As I painfully surveyed the 35 corpses, stark naked on the bare floor, stealthily dumped there within the last few days, victims of runaway killers, military, police, and unknown gunmen, with no identification on them, I thought of many others who have been kidnapped, taken to unknown locations, killed and even butchered, as we continue to hear. Imo is bleeding.

” On behalf of the already killed and even more, on behalf of the living, now threatened daily with brutal death, I charge Governor Hope Uzodimma, as the Chief Security Officer for Imo people, to step up and stop the killings by whoever is responsible for them. I equally charge all users and abusers of guns and deadly weapons, to stop the killings, to renounce violence, and to denounce any show of pride in killing fellow human beings.

” I urge the Governor to convoke a cease- fire meeting of all Imo stakeholders, no matter their disposition or leaning, for a concerted approach to quench the bloody fire, already ravaging Imo people and destroying Imo State. Save Imo people, save Imo State. ”

VIDEO: Nigerian Security Operatives Kill Youths In Imo State

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